Martial Law in Plain Sight

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Terror, Totalitarianism USA, US Gulag

I’ve hesitated to write much about the Boston incident, preferring others to take the lead. I was shocked at how quickly a city can be put into lock down, and the display of weaponry and force. I’m sure that the majority of police departments and county sheriff’s offices across America have been thus armed, all preparing for the big lock down – which is surely coming.

All this for two brothers – and these two were not the first who were suspected. Disinformation abounds. Meanwhile, Former  war criminal President  George W. Bush,  the front man for the slaughter of a million innocent civilians in Iraq,  gets a library.

The FBI was “aware” of Tameran Tsarnaev. Is aware a euphemism for entrapment? The story certainly initiated a show of forced entry into private homes on an unprecenteded scale, and another bolster for the al queda terrorist myth.

And the gunfight with the younger brother hiding in the boat? Well, it turns out he didn’t have a gun.

What else isn’t true?

He had no gun.

Only the FBI is authorized to interrogate young Dzhokhar.  What will they say that he said?  That New York “was” next?

War is Peace.  Slavery is Freedom.  Ignorance is Strength.

Seek Yahweh while he may be found.  There is no hope in man.

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